When the Holidays Hurt

This photo was taken on Christmas Day, 20 days after my mom’s death.

I super, duper wanted to skip the holidays, in case you hadn’t already noticed by looking at my lackluster eyes.

Oh my goodness I just wanted to disappear.

Even now, every year, as November rolls around, the familiar “punch in the gut” shows up.

But now I just say, “Oh, yep. There you are.”

And I let myself feel the sadness, the longing, the disappointment.

I don’t judge myself for anything I feel or think.

And then, paradoxically, I feel better.

If you find yourself feeling heavy, or wanting to skip the holidays, reach out to me. I see you. I can help. You don’t have to stay feeling so bad.

You’ve had some time to process your loss. The darkest days of losing your mom are behind you. Now the problem is, you feel like you’ve lost yourself, too. I help you find you again!

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