Tips for When You *Want* To Continue a Tradition

Over the holidays, you may wonder what to do if you *WANT* to participate in a holiday tradition, but can’t.

Maybe you can’t do the tradition as you once did because of the pandemic.

Or, maybe you can’t do the tradition as you once did because a loved one has passed away.

Whatever the reason, here are some ideas to consider:

*Find a way to bring the tradition to you.

That might look like doing it virtually.

It might look like inviting everyone to do the activity at a certain date + time, from their own homes, and then sharing about it with each other.
*If you’ve lost a close friend or family member, you can include them by incorporating your 5 senses.

Here are a few ideas of how:

SIGHT: Do you have a decoration of theirs to display? A favorite flower? Poem?

TOUCH: What about a blanket to snuggle in? An item of clothing? I like to hang some ornaments that were my mom’s on our tree, and talk about memories while hanging them.

SMELL: What smell reminds you of them? Can you burn a candle or spray a spray of that scent?

TASTE: What are some favorite recipes and/or restaurants you could use through the season?

SOUND: What were some favorite songs? Are there any other sounds that you can think of to add?

What ideas do you have that might be useful for people to be able to carry on a tradition, despite circumstances being different than they once were? Please share!

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