Allow Yourself to Feel the Grief

Let’s talk about grief and the holidays a little bit more.

Something that could have a huge impact on you, is simply being *aware* of what you are feeling.

Today I want you to just name the emotion that you are feeling. Call it out. Say it out loud, even.

Naming what you are feeling gives you power over it, rather than being at its mercy.

If your brain tells you you don’t know what you are feeling...don’t believe it. You do know. Be sure to identify it.

Once you have identified what you are feeling, find where it is in your body. Is it in your chest? Your stomach? Shoulders? Find it.

Once you’ve done this two things, say to yourself, “I’m feeling ________ and it is in this part of my body __________.”

This is one of those things that is so simple, yet so impactful!

Try it.

You’ll be glad you did!

You’ve had some time to process your loss. The darkest days of losing your mom are behind you. Now the problem is, you feel like you’ve lost yourself, too. I help you find you again!

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