Stephanie Pickle Coaching

The darkest days of your loss are behind you. Now the problem is, you feel like you’ve lost yourself, too. Let me help you find you again!

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Stephanie Pickle Coaching

You’ve had some time to process your loss. Now the problem is, you feel like you’ve lost yourself, too. I help you find you again!

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You want to connect again with yourself and those important people in your life.

You’re ready to look toward the future, but you’re not sure how.

You’re just not sure what “you” looks like anymore.

Perhaps you’ve tried therapy, but are looking for additional tools.

You know life isn’t all bad, yet you continue to find yourself allowing grief to be in charge.

You might think something is wrong with you. Trust me, all of this is normal.

If you are looking to honor your grief process, while staying connected to your life, I’m the coach for you.

About My Coaching

Individual Life and Grief Coaching

  • Weekly one-on-one 45 minute coaching sessions.
  • Support as needed between sessions, via text or e-mail.
  • Weekly worksheets to complete.
  • A judgement free zone where nothing is off-limits.

If you want to see if this is a good fit for you, schedule a consult call.

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Hear What Past Clients Have To Say

  • Stephanie was a great coach! She taught me helpful information, then helped me decide on a plan to help me improve habits. I really appreciated that I had accountability, but never felt pressured or judged if I didn't do everything I'd committed to do that week. It was wonderful that I could commit to certain parts of the program that worked for me, and I loved that it was less about the numbers and more about having the right reasons behind my goals.

    - Heather
  • Stephanie is a great life coach. She listened carefully to my concerns and helped me identify what what a thought, what was a feeling, what was a circumstance. She helped me see what I can change and what I can’t. I especially loved how she helped me open my thoughts to possibilities that I had not considered before. She is a great listener who allowed me to be vulnerable with my feelings knowing that I was in a safe place. I never felt belittled or judged. Stephanie is well-acquainted with grief in her life and used her experiences to walk me through the process of overcoming grief and disappointments in my life. She is the first person I call when I need to work through something difficult because I know she will help me to open my mind to see my circumstances a more hopeful way. I highly recommend her as a life coach!

    - Deanna
  • Stephanie immediately helped me feel understood and supported. Her insight was simple but powerful and quickly helped me see things in a whole different light. The best part is that I’ve been able to implement her strategies in multiple areas in my life. She’s amazing!

    - Kelly
  • Coaching sessions with Stephanie are always so productive. I come not knowing where to go with something, and I leave motivated and with a plan that feels doable. She asks great questions and I always come away with a phrase or two that helps me through my week.

    - Angee